Who’s Published in MLB Insiders Club Magazine…? ME!

Image  So, yesterday I went to check the mail and to my surprise and excitement I had received two advanced copies of MLB Insiders Club Magazine of which I am a life member and my article was tagged in one of them.  Now when I sent it in I just thought it would be cool to have the story of my sister and I driving to Colorado to watch the Cubs play the Rockies in the letters to the editor.  I NEVER expected them to make it a whole article and print it!  This is the first time I have ever had anything I have written printed, so I am so excited!

  This picture of Fontenot and Theriot is the one that is featured in the article and I can’t tell you how much it all means to me to have my words in there for others to read.  I know that Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot are never going to be superstar players, but they are the reason that I have this love for baseball and I will forever be grateful that I stopped to watch Cubs baseball all of those years ago.  I watched both of them play with heart and you can see that they love the game.  I have read a lot of posted comments on how bad of players they are, but I just don’t see it.  They’ll never put up Pujols stats or Helton’s years, but to me they will always mean true baseball.  Rose colored glasses or not…

Thank you Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot for making a baseball fan out of me!


Is There Room To Love Two Teams…?

  I was just getting ready to lay down for a nap, when I decided to check the Yahoo pictures and came across this picture.  Now, I haven’t been in the Theriot loop for a long time as he has been playing for the Cardinals, but I see that he is wearing a Giants jersey.  That means my cajun connection (Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot) is once again together.  Just on the Giants and not the Cubs.

Okay, I am not naive enough to believe them to be the most fantastic players or that their stats will ever match the likes of Pujols or Helton, but I watched them play with heart on a team that couldn’t seem to end it’s winning drought.  They showed me that they had the grit no matter what the odds are and I am assuming they always will.  See, I like the underdogs and there is nothing better then my cajun connection.  I will always be devoted to them and looking forward to watching them in action this year for the same team again.

So my question is…Is there room for the love of two teams?

Also, I found out that DeRosa was traded to the Nationals.  I am surprised to see him back to playing this year and hope that it brings him much success.

Until later…Go Cubs and Giants Go…

Is It Cubs Baseball Time Yet???

  So, upon checking my faceboook account I noticed that there were pictures posted of the Chicago Cubs spring training and I must say I felt that adrenaline course through my veins and my heart raced as I thought about what the new year might bring for what I consider the best baseball team.  I can’t believe how much I am longing for the smell of the fresh cut grass, the crack of the ball off of the bat and the sounds of the cheering fans.  Unfortunately, I live in Utah and currently it is blizzarding outside and covering everything in white.  Not my favorite season.  However, I have seen glimpses of the spring on the horizon and I can’t wait to watch my favorite team every chance I get.

There have been a lot of changes to the Cubs this year, both on the team and in the office.  I guess the coming months will show us if the changes are for the good, but for the most part I see the positive.  I have watched my favorite players get traded for the past few years, so it came as no surprise when I watched Sean Marshall get traded.  I don’t understand why we would trade one of the best lefty relievers in the business, but hey, I am sure they had a reason for it.  He will be missed, I never did get a chance to get his jersey last year…

On to brighter things.  I do agree with the let go of Jim hendry, he made some pretty bad moves for us, but he did bring Kerry Wood back into the mix and thankfully the Cubs were smart enough to tender him another contract.  It wasn’t the same without him and most of us Chicago fans see that he lives and breathes Chicago so who better to play for us? 🙂  I hated seeing him playing for the Indians and the Yankees.  They couldn’t appreciate his dedication or his mentoring to other pitchers, but in Chicago with the amazing fan base, he is definitely appreciated and wanted.

I think that Starlin Castro will be a good fit once his fielding comes around.  He showed us how well he could handle the production part of the game, now he just needs to fix the errors and I think he will be a force to be reckoned with at short stop.  Although, I have made it clear I wasn’t very happy when we lost Ryan Theriot.  I was a big fan of The Riot, Mike Fontenot and Mark DeRosa.  I hated losing all three of them, though they aren’t the best in the game, I just love the way they played.  Fontenot was scrappy as he isn’t very big so he had to be, Theriot made some plays that surprised most and DeRosa just completed the trio.  The years haven’t been kind to DeRosa with his wrist injury and the surgery seeming to have made it worse, but I am a big fan of his.  Ryan Theriot now plays for the Cardinals and Mike Fontenot and Mark DeRosa are both Giants.  The sad and funny part all in one, is the fact that after they left the Cubs all three of them are now owners of World Series rings.  I just wish they could have done it with my beloved Cubbies.

Luckily, I get to keep abreast of the going ons with my Cubbies as I anxiously read my Vineline’s every month.  Here is hoping that this year is better than any other year!

All of you Cubs fans out there, let me know who your favorite Cub is past or present and why they are your favorite.  Go Cubs Go!!

Long Time, No Blog

  So this year has been one of many changes and I just haven’t had the time or energy to update my blog.  This past year I lost the most important person in my life, my mother.  When she passed, my life went on a tailspin and I am just now starting to recover.

  Unfortunately, it also made this past baseball season a bleak one for me as I didn’t even have the energy to watch games, however, the depression has lightened and I am very much looking forward to this next year.

  We also lost one of the best announcers in the business this past year, Ron Santo.  When I think of the Cubbies I think of him and it’s so hard to believe that we wont be seeing him around the ballpark this year.  He’ll be watching from up above, though.

  I am very excited to hear that we resigned Kerry Wood.  I can’t believe we ever let him go, but he is back, so lets hope this is the year!  I am sorry that Ryan Theriot is now a Cardinal and that Mike Fontenot is playing for the Giants.  Then there is D. Lee who is reportedly going to the Orioles…where did my team go?  Oh well, here is rooting for a great 2011!  I’ll be back to blog again soon!

Tragic Winter and Hope for the Cubs

Thumbnail image for carloszambrano32.jpg
  This is my frist entry for the 2010 season as I have had a very rough winter.  My amazing mother, who was a huge Carlos Zambrano fan, passed away in January and I just can’t seem to put my life together again.

  I have to admit as a diehard Cubs fan, it has even been hard for me to watch all of their games this year as that is something that my mother and I enjoyed doing together very much.  She was passionate about the Cubs and loved watching Zambrano try to throw the umpire out, though he regretted it later, it sure handed my mom a good laugh.

  With a rough start to this season, we have seen some improvement in the Cubs since their home opener.  I have watched Randy Wells pitch again and again and it amazes me how well he handles himself and I am so happy that he was given a spot in the starting rotation. 

  Though we are currently without Ted Lilly who is definitely one of our best starters, it seems that Silva and Gorzelanny have been able to pick up the slack and pitch well.  Sean Marshall still is one of my favortie pitchers in the game and quite frankly I was quite surprised when he landed in the bullpen instead of the starting rotation, I do love how he retires his inherited runners in what appears to be easy pitching, but you know it isn’t.

  Then you have Ryan Theriot as the lead of batter, this is something I thought they should have done more of last year.  The man can be what I assume is down right irritating to the other team as he takes a lot of pitches, drives a lot of singles, can’t seem to keep him off the base path’s and I imagine we will see him as the team leader in stealing bags.  He just does it all, plus, how about the game that he caught the ball at short to double off the runner on second?  I mean, this is just great baseball and to all that say he is a subpar defender, this is all I have to say…pfffft.

  Mike Fontenot is doing better so far this year and I really hope he has another break out year, because I think that he can be a great part of this team.  Though I would say that whether he is starting or coming off the bench, he is a team player.

  Marlon Byrd…what is there really to say about him, but WOW!! What a pick up for the Cubbies.  It seems we finally made a great trade, I love how Byrd goes about his business and has been in the game long enough to tell Marmol that he is tipping his pitches.  This is just an all around great player and I believe he will make a great fit for the Cubbies.

  I received my movie ‘We Believe’ today and I am very anxious to watch it!  Good luck to the Cubs as they race for the World Series in 2010.

G’Bye Bradley and Good Riddance!

miltonbradley3.jpg  Yesterday the most exciting Cubs update showed up on my Facebook page, the Cubs have traded the plague.  What a relief after being so scared that we were going to start the year with him on our roster.  I hope Seattle works out better for him and I really hope he learns some humility and to keep his big mouth shut. 

  I don’t know much about Carlos Silva, but it seems that he has a pretty high ERA, however, I would have been fine if the Cubs drafted Mr. Potato Head just to get rid of Bradley.  Here is hoping that Carlos Silva can be reborn and find a great home with the Cubbies.

  Okay, so the best news for me this off season was the fact that they were tendering another
mikefontenot30.jpgcontract to my Mike Fontenot.  I was so worried about that after his under performance in ’09 that I literally thought I was going to have to follow two teams instead of one.  I know that Font didn’t have a great year, but I also know that he is so much better at the plate than he showed us last year.  However, he could have his own gem reel with all of the defense he flashed this past year.  Here is hoping he really shines in ’10.

rttriple5022009.jpgThen you have Ryan Theriot who currently is being slotted as leadoff batter.  I think Theriot fits nicely in that slot and has shown Piniella and Hendry that he can not only thrive there, but he can do his job.  Unlike Soriano, Theriot will see pitches so that gives batters behind him a chance to get a look at what the pitcher has.  If anyone loves The Riot as much as I do, then you should go to the Cubs Official Website and check out the article on Batting Around With Ryan Theriot.  I love these articles, gives you an insight on the players and in this one I learned that Theriot likes to bake, with eggshells. LOL He really is a riot.

  Now we just need to address CF.  Let Johnson and Fuld compete for it in Spring Training,
rj3.jpgput the other on the bench and let Fuld fill in the corners on their off days.  Could it really hurt to have TWO spark plugs in the outfield?  I know this is wishful thinking, because everyone is pretty sure that Johnson is not coming back, but I really REALLY wish they would bring him back.  He is amazing, we just didn’t get to see everything he could do because he broke his foot with the foul ball and had to go on the DL.

  Well, onward and upward to a fantastic 2010!  I am anxiously awaiting baseball season and trying to decide where I am going to travel to see my Cubs this year.  Perhaps Chicago…that is where I would really like to go.  Merry Christmas to everyone who may glance upon this blog and a Happy New Year!

Moving Bradley and Curtis Granderson

  So, the Cubs still have Milton Bradley on their roster and there isn’t much hope in cutting a deal that will really help outside of getting rid of him.  Everybody keeps saying what a great player he is and I’m sure that they are right, but Bradley is better suited to an American League team where he can DH because that is what he has done the most the last few years.  I will be happy when he is out of Chicago, though.

  Now those Yankees, they catch all the breaks.  I can’t believe they signed Curtis Granderson!  I would have loved to see him playing for the Cubs, he has some serious speed that is really needed.  I do, however, believe that we have a couple of great players that could handle center.  Well, Reed Johnson is a free agent and may cost too much, but there is no doubting his talent on the field.  Then you have Sam Fuld, he plays just like Reed and he is already in our organization, I think we should give him a shot.  They both play with little regard to their bodies and more interest in getting to the ball.  I like that about them.

  I’ll keep this blog updated as the winter meetings continue.  Go Cubs Go! 🙂


Koyie’s Make A Wish Gala Huge Success!

  Just posted on Facebook was the news that Koyie Hill’s Make A Wish Gala raised somewhere between $180,000 and $210,000!  Koyie was hoping to make at least $100,000, so I’m sure he was pleased when he raised that and so much more!  I love these stories where the Cubs get involved and give back.  Hill has such an inspirational story and to see him give back in light of his blessings, just makes me like him even more. 

  So many wishes will come true with this amount of money.  Also, several of current and former Cubs attended and a lot of different sports players…not just MLB, but NFL and more donated signed items for the auction.  It really was a group effort that will make a lasting effect to so many lives.

  As a side note, Happy 30th Birthday Ryan Theriot!

  Here is hoping that the Winter Meetings starting today brings the Cubs what they need to have a winning 2010.


Winter Meetings and Spring Training

  So, I realize it has been a very long time since I’ve posted a blog about my beloved Cubbies.  I’ve been keeping up on their website and I am really interested to see how the winter meetings will turn out.

  I am not sad to see Aaron Heilman gone, though towards the end of the year he was one of the only pitchers who could seem to throw the ball over the plate.  I am curious as to why the Cubs have given up on Rich Harden.  I know that he is injury proned, but this last year it seemed like most of our starting lineup was, especially the starting rotation.  Randy wells was the only starter that didn’t spend time on the DL and thank God for that because that kid seemed to have some great command.  He doesn’t have over powering pitches, like Harden, but he could get the job done.  I really was looking forward to our starting rotation staying in tact…oh well, things change and hopefully it will bring us a better team in 2010.  My only guess could be payroll…

  It seems like there are quite a few teams interested in Milton Bradley, now it’s just seeing how much of his outrageous contract that Cubs are willing to pay.  This plague needs to leave our team and city, quickly.  I was on the Bradley bandwagon until he pulled those stunts that lead to his suspension, so if we do nothing else this winter, let’s get rid of him!

  I know that most everyone wants to see Mike Fontenot go, but aside from the hard year he had at the plate, he didn’t let it hurt his defense.  Plus, with Rudy Jaramillo now as the hitting coach, maybe great things will happen for ‘Little Babe Ruth’.

  AHHH!!! I just checked the Cubs site again and read that we traded Jake Fox!! Who trades Jake Fox?  I mean, I realize with Derrek Lee at first there wasn’t much place for him, but the guy was willing to play anywhere and what about his bat?  Sheesh.  Aaron Miles went with him which I am not sorry to see, but I really liked Jake Fox. 😦
jakefox11.jpg  I am so sorry, Jake Fox, you will be missed. 

  ‘FTWSIC’…Keep the faith, Jake, you’re amazing!

  So already I know of two Cubs who have welcomed children this off season.  Geovany Soto and Reed Johnson, congratulations to both of them. 

  Here is hoping they don’t change too much on the team.  We really had a great team that just underperformed. 

  I am very baseball deprived and looking forward to spring training and hopefully getting to see the Cubbies at their home park this next year.  I would really love to do it via the Cubs destination, but I’m not so sure I can afford that.  Go Cubs Go!


Dempster Stellar As Cubs Season Winds Down

ryandempster1.jpg  It’s official, the Cubs are completely out of the running, however they have had their third straight winning season, so that’s something to be happy about.  We knew this day would come, but now it’s here and we can really say ‘It Will Happen In 2010’.

  Ryan Dempster came with his A game and pitched a five hit shut out game!  Only the second Cub to do that this year and he hasn’t pitched a complete game since 2001, so congratulations to Dempster.  It also helps that his defense was there to make the plays unlike the Pirates.  They had one inning where they were handed at least three double play balls and only managed to turn one.  They committed three errors, which should have read four when their second baseman misplayed a ball over shooting first.

  Here is looking to next year and hoping that we don’t see a lot of ridiculous changes again like we did this year.  I still stand by getting Garrett Jones from the Pirates.  He has shown that he can hit and play a couple of positions. Last time we saw him he was in right field, last night he played first.  I don’t know what it is about him, but I think he would be good. 🙂 Also, how about getting DeRosa?  He may be expensive, but well worth the money.  

  Ryan Theriot had another four walk game, they couldn’t get him out.  The only bad blip on his game were the two caught stealings.  I know that he would make a fantastic base stealer, maybe just work on it during spring training.  He really has some incredible speed. 

  I was happy to see Fontenot in even though he had a bad night offensively, I just like having him in the lineup.  Can’t be easy playing when you know your manager is looking to replace you.  I thought they were happy with Baker’s production at second, but looks like both Font and Baker are not what they need.  Trade Baker…keep Fontenot. I like both, but Fontenot is my favorite.

  Let’s win the doubleheader taking the series and then go on to beat the Diamondabacks ending this year on a very positive note.  Go Cubs Go!

Final Score: Cubs 6 Pirates 0